G2 Energy, LLC, based in Boise, ID, was formed for the purpose of developing electric power generation from methane at landfill sites. Our company brings together world-class engineers and suppliers who have the equipment, skills, financial resources and technical expertise necessary for timely, successful implementation of high quality, dependable distributed generation projects. G2 is responsible for all engineering, construction, project management, financing, maintenance and monitoring of the project throughout the life of the program.

G2’s only business is taking methane that is being flared and turning it into electricity at no cost to the methane supplier (host). The gas is purchased, utilized to generate energy in a generator plant constructed and owned by G2, and the electricity generated is sold to a regional utility. The host’s only responsibility is to sell The Company their methane for a royalty.

Landfill-gas-to-energy embodies the ideal solution to an environmental problem: It turns a nuisance waste into a product with a practical use and economic value. Benefits to the host include the elimination of an environmental problem, reduced costs of compliance, and improved power quality for the facility and surrounding neighborhoods and an additional revenue stream.

We use state-of-the-art Caterpillar generator equipment exclusively in our developments. This equipment has been field tested in hundreds of installations over several years - in many countries. The operating performance of this equipment has been exceptional. Key to the success of these installations is the ability of these generators to operate virtually full time with limited maintenance required.

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