G2 Energy provides the technical and management expertise required to successfully implement distributed generation projects. Customers (hosts) will receive the following bundle of services:

  • Preliminary facility evaluation: analysis of the potential for a landfill gas to energy project.
  • Master plan of a multiyear program for gas destruction and power generation
  • Design and build of distributed generation facilities
  • Project management of construction and equipment installation
  • Management, operation and maintenance of the equipment throughout the life of the program

Project Benefits

Waste gas energy recovery offers significant environmental, economic, and energy benefits. Many, including the host, the project developer, the energy product purchaser, the consumer and the community living near the facility enjoy these benefits:

  • The flaring of gas would be eliminated/reduced as the waste gas will be used to generate power. The elimination or reduction of the flaring of gas would be a direct environmental benefit.
  • Companies that participate in waste gas-to-energy projects can benefit by enhanced community relations.
  • Energy recovery capitalizes on the energy value of methane, while displacing the use of fossil fuels - offsetting coal and oil use further reduces emissions of a number of pollutants, including sulfur dioxide, a major contributor to acid rain, as well as the production of ash and scrubber sludge from utilities.
  • Distributed generation projects provide important demand side management benefits, as transmission losses from the point of generation to the point of consumption are negligible
  • Conversion of a wasted pollutant into clean renewable energy and a new source of revenue for the Host.

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